3 Ways to Show Your Tires Some Love

3 Ways to Show Your Tires Some Love

We all take our cars to the mechanic for regular lube & filter service, but we sometimes neglect our tires. The condition of your tires is crucial to your safety on the road. Fortunately, there are simple tips that can help you care for them properly. Here are three ways to show your tires some love and keep you driving safely and smoothly.

1. Make Sure They Aren’t “Under-Pressure.”

An Indiana University study calculated that under-inflated tires could account for 1.4% of auto accidents.

In addition, Michelin recommends checking the pressure in your tires regularly to ensure proper inflation because it significantly lengthens the life of your tires. Tires that are over- or under-inflated won’t wear as evenly and won’t last as long as tires that are inflated properly.

Under-inflated tires are also one of the primary causes of lower gas mileage. Because they have increased rolling resistance, your engine must exert more effort to move your car.

Tires with incorrect tire pressure, especially in rainy driving conditions, dramatically affect the way your car brakes and handles. This creates a definite safety hazard. In addition, driving with tires that are seriously under-inflated may lead to a build-up of heat and a possible blowout. Michelin suggests checking your tire pressure monthly and prior to a long road trip as well. 

2. Help Them If They’re Hurting.

Your tires could be damaged without you being aware of it. To avoid unexpected issues, look them over regularly for any signs of damage or wear. If you do notice damage, replace your tire with your spare until you can take your car to a shop for a tire inspection. In any case, it’s a good idea to have your tires inspected yearly by a professional at a tire shop or auto mechanic shop. If you need to replace a tire or are due for a brand new set, keep an eye out for tires for sale. While you’re at it, have your car’s lube and filter service taken care of too.

3. Treat Them to a Makeover.

If your hubcaps have been damaged by curbs or potholes, treat them to an alloy wheel repair and painting. Providing that the damage isn’t too extensive to safely repair, shops such as Alloy Wheel Repair Specialists can not only refinish your hubcaps, but they can also paint or powder coat your hubcaps any color that you desire.

Your tires work hard every day to keep you safe and sound. The next time your car is in the shop for a lube and filter service, show those tires some love by checking their pressure, inspecting them for damage, and giving them a makeover. Your tires will be in top-notch shape, and they’ll look beautiful, too.