Want a Cool Car? Use These Five AC Tips

Want a Cool Car? Use These Five AC Tips

It’s hard to imagine a car in this day and age that doesn’t have air conditioning. But the fact of the matter is, air conditioning didn’t exist in cars until the 1930s. It was around then, in 1933, that the first air conditioning units in automobiles were installed. Here are five tips for keeping cool in your car and keeping your car running as cool as possible.

1. Set the Temperature Low

Interestingly, the air conditioning system in a car is set around 38 degrees. So, if you set the temperature higher in your car, you are actually making the car work harder (and maybe even use more fuel) to warm up the air that it is actually trying to cool! The sensible thing to do is to set the temperature as low as possible and let the air conditioning system do its job.

2. Be Sure to Use Clean Filters

Your auto mechanic shop will be a great help in this area. Not only that, but they will want you to have your air conditioning system functioning perfectly. To do this, clean filters are an absolutely essential element. So, the next time you go in for an oil change, tune up service, or some type of car repair, have them check and be sure you have clean filters in your air conditioning system. 

3. Avoid Recirculating

The recirculation feature is designed to keep the front of the car cool. Aaah, very refreshing! But if you have anyone riding in the back seats, they won’t feel any cool air, because the recirculation feature takes the cool air back into the system and redistributes it again to the same area. So your best bet is to leave the recirculation feature off and let the cool air blow throughout the entire interior of the car.

4. Avoid Pre-Cooling

It’s a waste of time and fuel to pre-cool your car before you leave. The air conditioning system is designed to work while the car is being driven since this is when the engine turns fastest. When the engine turns fast, the compressor also runs fast. And this results in cool air.

5. Don’t Use the Stop-Start Feature

The stop-start feature, which is common in newer cars, saves fuel by automatically shutting off the air conditioning system. However, the other side of the coin is that it also shuts off the compressor, which is the mechanism that keeps the air cool. So when the compressor is not in operation, you are going to notice very quickly that there is a lack of cool air, and you may get uncomfortable pretty fast.

Your car’s air conditioning system is a great feature for comfort, and it is also a great feature for health purposes as well. Making sure that the air conditioning unit in your car runs as efficiently as possible depends on both good upkeep and maintenance and your understanding of your vehicle’s drivelines. Also referred to as the drivetrain, drivelines change depending on the drive design of the car (all-wheel drive, four-wheel drive, etc.). So it is imperative to have your auto shop conduct an air conditioning service checkup that is appropriate for the drivelines, or drivetrain, of your vehicle. Once that’s done, you will be ready to ride for miles and miles in cool comfort!